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CCU-010 Compact Coating UNIT


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compact – modular – innovative
Two models
The CCU-010 coating unit is available in two versions. CCU-010 LV for finevacuum applications and CCU-010 HV for high-vacuum applications.
The modular concept makes it easy to convert the unit from a pre-vacuum unit into a high-vacuum unit later on.
A smart device
Whether you wish to sputter, vaporise or apply plasma treatment to carbon – you can configure the device for each of these applications by simply changing the process head.
No unnecessary downtime
The device is ready to operate almost immediately. The use of high-quality materials and components in combination with innovative ideas results in extraordinarily short process times.

The automatic mode allows for reliable and consistent thin coatings.
Compact and practical
Save valuable space thanks to small dimensions. Weight has been reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the consistent use of standardised vacuum-connection flanges, the unit also works with third-party devices.
Easy start-up and servicing
Unpack, connect, start! Do away with high start-up costs. The plug-and-play concept allows you to start up the device by yourself. You only need to connect the power supply and process gas.
Thanks to the integrated USB service interface, a service technician can run a quick error analysis on site or remotely via an Internet connection. The modular set-up allows defective components to be replaced in a targeted manner.



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