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Dimension FastScan


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Model:Dimension FastScan

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World's Ultimate AFM
       The new benchmark for speed with highest resolution and performance
       The Dimension FastScan® delivers, for the first time, extreme imaging speed without loss of resolution, loss of force control, added complexity, or additional operating costs. This tip-scanning system provides measurements on both large and small size samples in air or fluids. With the FastScan you can achieve immediate atomic force microscopy images with the expected high resolution of a high-performance AFM, all in a single system. Whether surveying a sample scanning at >125Hz to find the region of interest, or scanning for detail at 1-second per image frame in air or fluids, the Dimension FastScan will redefine your AFM experience.

Material and Polymer Science
       Bruker AFMs are widely used in the fields of material and polymer science. Sample Surveying is a common way to explore unknown samples to understand heterogeneity, feature characteristics, and mechanical properties. FastScan AFM introduces a revolutionary technology that brings usability and productivity to a new level for greater productivity in material’s nanoscale research. No sample preparation, large sample area, easy tip engage, speeds of 100x faster to survey and 20x faster without loss of resolution provide the most effective solution for your research. The advent of high-speed scanning with no loss of resolution will have a significant throughput improvement to your existing process and extend your capabilities with new material information.
High Throughput
       The FastScan AFM is the first system to offer improved productivity in applications where screenings of samples requiring AFM resolution are elemental to a process. Whether in failure analysis or nanoscale quality control, immediate feedback is essential to product quality control. FastScan AFM delivers high resolution and extraordinary scan rates to support better understanding of materials at the nanoscale. Bruker’s unique high-speed scanning AFM is the only solution tailored for many environments where immediate data results are essential to a process. FastScan AFM renders essential and statistically valid measurements that were previously prohibited by long scan times.
Biological Research
       The Dimension FastScan AFM is the first commercial system enabling in-situ high-resolution dynamics for biological research with live samples in liquid. Observation of dynamic events at the nanometer scale are an invaluable capability, FastScan AFM provides that capability for resolving time propagation of a nanoscale object or structure, as a function of external conditions or stimuli, whether physical or chemical. The FastScan AFM high-resolution and high-speed scanning provide the best available bio tool for the observation of molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, living cell membranes and tissues, and many other dynamics studies.
Industrial Applications
       Dimension FastScan AFM offers a robust platform with a flexible software environment to support a wide range of environments from R&D to high throughput where statistical data is critical for quality and process control. FastScan AFM provides scan rates competing with optical technologies with the advantage of resolutions that exceed diffraction limits of optical systems. The FastScan AFM provides solutions for materials science, semiconductor and data storage structures that will enable your success.



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