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The Bruker S1 TITAN and TRACER 5i Handheld XRF Mining Analyzers are a fast and accurate tool for all aspects of mining and geo exploration.
Examples of mining applications for HH XRF include:

· Core Analyzers for Exploration Drilling

· Mineral Exploration

· Geochemical Testing and Mapping

· Mine Face or Pit-Face

· Waste Processing and Metal Recovery

· Ore grade control

· Silver ore mining

· Mineral Lab Alternative

Handheld XRF allows you to directly make on-site geochemical analysis of mine face, drill core or prepared samples. On-site real time analysis with the S1 TITAN or TRACER 5i will boost productivity by reducing turnaround times for results from days to seconds comparing to laboratory analysis. The S1 TITAN and TRACER 5i allows fast real-time surveys to quickly define ore boundaries and identify areas of highest potential profit. 

The key is the Bruker's Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), which offers count rates and resolution far superior to alternative SiPIN detector technology. This makes for even faster analysis – It takes only few seconds to make typical mining analysis, that’s about five times faster than previous generations. Not only that, but the improved resolution and count rates means lower detection limits for all elements analyzed. Combine that with Universal FP calibration which can be used for all mining sample types and you have one of the most powerful handheld analyzers currently available on the market. To complete our package we offer world class customer service and guaranteed uptime (contact your salesman regarding availability in your region).


Soil analysis using the S1 TITAN handheld XRF analyzer

TRACER 5i mudrock core

Mudrock core analysis using the TRACER 5i


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